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Past meetings : UK Pension Fund Investment Forum

Details of all recent past meetings and speakers are set out below. In addition, details of older past meetings are available on request to Meeting Responses. You can also download our meeting history here

Topic: Virtual Forum Seminar: Potential for Inflation Surge and ‘Knock on’ Impact on Interest Rates – Implications for Pension Funds

Date: 25 March 2021

Venue: Virtual Forum Seminar


What is the outlook for inflation and interest rate in the short, medium and long term and what are the implications for pension funds?

Our speakers focused on:

  • What is the likely impact of an inflation surge and if so would it produce a 'real' rates shock on portfolios?
  • What is the possibility of rising interest rates at the long end of the curve?
  • What does any inflation move mean for risk assets?
  • How will asset allocation and strategy be impacted?
  • What hedging or interest rate protection strategies should schemes put in place and what is the likely impact on any LDI and/or CDI strategy?
  • Which assets or strategies can schemes invest in to provide a good hedge against inflation today?
  • What is the impact on collateral in any hedging programmes schemes have in place?
  • What are the implications for currency markets?

Topic: Climate Risk Disclosures– TCFD Reporting and Practical Considerations

Date: 25 February 2021

Venue: Virtual Forum Seminar


With the new draft climate risk governance and disclosure regulations proposed by DWP this week (for consultation until w/c 8 March 2021), just what do schemes need to do now?

What practical issues do Trustees need to consider to ensure that they can meet the proposed new requirements, including scheme specific reporting requirements in 2022 and beyond?