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Past meetings : Swiss International Forum

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Topic: Potential ‘Surge on Inflation’ – Medium/Long Term Outlook on Inflation and Implications for Portfolios

Date: 16 June 2021

Venue: Virtual Forum Seminar


Our virtual seminar looked at the outlook for inflation and interest rates in the short, medium and long term and the resultant implications for Pension Funds. Our speakers focused on:

  • Examining the likely impact of an inflation surge and, if so, would it produce a 'real' rates shock on portfolios and would it be transitory or a long-term problem?
  • Why has there not been higher inflation as might have been expected from academic theory?
  • What is the possibility of rising interest rates, especially at the long end of the curve?
  • What does any inflation move mean for risk assets and will it continue to create ‘asset bubbles’?
  • Explaining how asset allocation and strategy will be impacted
  • Discussing the potential positive impacts from a rise in inflation on portfolios and the balance sheet of a pension fund
  • What hedging or interest rate protection strategies should you put in place?
  • Advising which assets or strategies you can invest in, to provide a good hedge against inflation today.

Topic: Virtual Forum Seminar: Sustainable Alpha Strategies & Measurement Challenges of ESG

Date: 18 March 2021

Venue: Virtual Forum Seminar


With ESG and Sustainable Investing now becoming mainstream, just what are the key practical considerations for schemes and boards when setting an ESG, Sustainable Investing and climate risk strategy? Should this area now be taken more seriously than before and if so what should trustees do now?