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Past meetings : Nordic Forum

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Topic: Spotlight on China

Date: 1 June 2021

Venue: Virtual Forum Seminar


Session 1 - Geopolitical Risks: China’s Relationship with US and Europe – Implications for Portfolios

  • With the ongoing trade war between US and China, we will discuss the geopolitical ramifications, especially with the Biden Administration.
  • Understand the economic impact and what this means for global markets including macro factors such as inflation and interest rates.
  • What is Europe’s role – does it stay connected to China/EU agreements with China? What does this mean for European investors?
  • Consider the key areas of concerns and how you should evaluate exposure to technology in your portfolios?
  • Review the role should China play in your portfolio, how safe are your investments and how can you analyse the risks and rewards?

Session 2 - Focus on Investing in China – A Look at Equities, other Asset Classes & ESG Issues

  • Should schemes have a targeted asset allocation strategy of investing in China today and, if so, should this be strategic or tactical?
  • We will review the key risks and opportunities for investing in China across asset classes such as equities and fixed income.
  • Many schemes remain under-invested (to China) relative to benchmark allocation, but is that a conscious strategy and what is an appropriate benchmark for China?
  • Identify the broader ESG considerations of investing in China
  • Should investing in China be done actively or passively?
  • Is an investment in a developed market company with a lot of business in China a safer way to get Chinese exposure?

Topic: Update on Current Issues

Date: 20 April 2021

Venue: Virtual Forum Seminar



Session 1 - Long Termism and Investing for the Long Term

Session 2 - EU Taxonomy, ESG and Climate Disclosures – Practical Consideration for Pension Funds and Investments

Informal Discussion/Networking