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Past meetings : Nordic Forum

Details of all recent past meetings and speakers are set out below.  In addition, details of older past meetings are available on request from Meeting Responses. You can also download our Meeting History Here

Topic: The Pandemic – Lessons Learned, Future Outlook including Investment Opportunities & Challenges

Date: 3 February 2021

Venue: Virtual Forum Seminar


Session 1 - Lessons Learned from Covid-19 Crisis

We explored the lessons learnt from the Covid-19 crisis to date and just what are the key issues pension funds should be considering now. Our panel of speakers gave some practical insights on:

  • What have been the challenges for strategic asset allocation during the crisis and lesson learnt?
  • How have schemes dealt with liquidity issues and rebalancing?

Session 2 - Post Covid-19 World: 2021 and Beyond – Economic/Geopolitical Outlook and Key Strategic Asset Allocation Opportunities for Pension Funds

We explored just how pension funds should be considering their future asset allocation and investment strategy in light of the current virus pandemic and its impact. Further to providing a short, medium and long-term economic and geopolitical outlook, our panel of speakers gave some practical insights.

Topic: Assessing Climate Risk in Portfolios – Practical Considerations

Date: 6 November 2020

Venue: Virtual Forum Seminar


With regulators and members increasingly scrutinising pension fund approaches to Climate Change issues, just what should Pension Fund Boards do now in relation to their investments and strategy? How should you be taking account of climate change issues and what is considered best practice? What are the practical considerations?