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Meetings of The Swiss International Forum first started in June 2002 with the purpose of improving the quality of information available to pension fund managers leading to the development of more relevant and efficient management, a better understanding of investment processes and eventually, improved performance.

By bringing together pension fund representatives and service providers, robust and objective discussions have become the norm. A key requirement for all non-pension fund members and speakers is that product or services selling is not permitted.

The Forum meetings usually take place in prestigious locations in Zurich and Bern in March, June, September and December. Additional meetings include an International Seminar in September.

There are three categories of membership. One is made up of representatives of European Pension Funds (mainly Swiss, Southern German, Austrian, and Northern Italian) as well as multinational companies, and another comprising charities, foundations or other non-commercial organisations as well as any pension fund association, regulator or supervisory body. The third category is open to service and product providers to the investment and pensions industry.

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The Forum is advised by an Advisory Committee, comprising only pension fund representatives, who ensure that the topics being discussed are relevant and helpful.

Advisory Committee Members
Pierre Cardon, Secretary of the Pension Fund Committee, Bank for International Settlements
Elena Manola-Bonthond, Chief Investment Officer, CERN Pension Fund
Andreas Dänzer, CIO, Pensionskasse der Credit Suisse Schweiz
Thomas Groffmann, Fund Administrator, Principal Director, European Patent Office
Frank Dietler, Pension Asset Management, F. Hoffmann - La Roche
Diego Liechti, Head of Investments/CIO, Nest Sammelstiftung
Vera Kupper Staub, President, Oberaufsichtskommission (OAK)
Andres Haueter, Deputy Head of Asset Management, Pensionskasse Post
Nicole Laville Comby, Head of Asset Management, Pré
Stefan Beiner, Deputy CEO and Head of Asset Management, Swiss Federal Pension Fund PUBLICA
John Breckenridge, Secretary, The World Trade Organisation Pension Plan

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