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Meetings of The Nordic Forum first started in November 1996 with the purpose of improving the quality of information available to pension fund managers in the Nordic countries leading to the development of more relevant and efficient management, a better understanding of investment processes and eventually, improved performance.

By bringing together pension fund representatives, other institutional investors and service providers, robust and objective discussions have become the norm. A key requirement for all non-pension fund members and speakers is that product or services selling is not permitted.

The Nordic meetings are usually held in suitable locations in or near Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki and Oslo in February, March, June, August and November. Additional meetings include an International Seminar in September.

There are two categories of membership. One is open to representatives of Pension Funds and similar Institutional Investors such as charities, foundations or other non-commercial organisations. Members include representatives of Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish and Icelandic financial institutions. The second category is open to a limited number of other representatives from the pensions and investment industry.

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The Forum is advised by an Advisory Committee, comprising only pension fund representatives, who ensure that the topics being discussed are relevant and helpful.

Advisory Committee Members
Timo Viherkenttä, Member of Investment Committee, Aalto University
Marcus Svedberg, Investment Strategist, AP-fonden 4
Richard Gröttheim, Chief Executive Officer, AP-fonden 7
Dan Bergman, Head of ILS & Timberland Investments, AP-fonden 3
Olivier Rousseau, Executive Director, Fonds de Reserve pour les Retraites
Morten Malle, Chief Investment Officer, Lærernes Pension
Soli Preuthun, Chief Investment Officer, LB Forsikring
Claus Buchwald Christjansen, Chief Investment Officer, LD Pensions
Tom Arild Fearnley, Investment Director, The Ministry of Finance (Norway)
Cecilia Thomasson Blomquist, Chief Investment Officer, PP Pension Försäkringsföreningen
Henrik Olejasz Larsen, Chief Investment Officer, Sampension A/S
Timo Löyttyniemi, CEO, State Pension Fund (Finland)
Claes Ahrel, Chief Executive Officer, Telia Pension Fund
Kari Vatanen, CIO, Veritas Pensionsförsäkring
Niina Bergring, Chief Investment Officer, Veritas Pensionsförsäkring

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