Unfortunately, at the moment, life is not normal.

I founded Specialist Pension Services at the end of 1992 and ran the first SPS Conference in April 1993. Fred Jaffe and I then got together and started the European Pension Fund Investment Forum (EPFIF) in September 1994, developed more SPS events and more recently took on the Pension Investment Academy (PIA). Since then, we and the pension fund industry have faced many challenges, but nothing like the challenge the whole world is facing at the moment.

The coronavirus has made it unsafe for groups of any size to congregate. As a result, at the start of last week we postponed all our seminars and conferences until 8 May. Since then it has become clear that it will be unsafe to hold events for at least 12 weeks and, as a consequence, we will now be unable to run any event until at least the week beginning 22 June 2020 and even this may well prove optimistic! For those of you who had signed up for events directly impacted by these postponements, if you haven’t already heard from us, we will be in touch with you individually as soon as possible with specific information – we are working through events chronologically.

We are currently looking at a number of ideas for keeping in touch with members and delegates and we would really value your views on the various communication methods we could adopt in the interim to meet your needs in the current environment. Options include webinars, video conferencing, podcasts, posting of articles and research and the establishment of discussion groups. We hope to be back soon to presenting face to face seminars and conferences but we’d very much like to ensure members and delegates can continue to stay in touch whilst we work from home and discuss (at a safe distance) the issues of the day.

Fred, Jane and I along with rest of the team would very much welcome your feedback.

Please let us have your views. You can contact me on: trevor@specialist-pensions.com and +44 (0)7958 716822; Fred on fj@epfif.com and +44 (0)7989408149 and Jane on jr@epfif.com and +44 (0)7973 799151.

The rest of the team are also still available at their usual e-mail addresses, for example, you can contact: Alkesh on Alkesh.shah@epfif.com; Amanda on as@epfif.com; Belinda on belinda@spsconferences.com; Liz on liz@spsconferences.com; Rob on rob@specialist-pensions.com; Sue on sue@spsconferences.com; and Suzanne on suzanne@spsconferences.com.

Trevor Cook, Co-Founder and Executive Director.