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Avatar Hedwig Peters

Board Member, Stichting Pensioenfonds HaskoningDHV

Hedwig has acted as the external board member of several pensionfunds including SABIC-IP Pension Fund and the SPOV. Today she is boardmember of Pensionfund Citigroup Netherlands Branch, PFHDHV and chairing the supervisory board of the pensionfund of the Architects.. Her expertise covers next to the general topics, balance sheet management, risk management and investment related topics. Before her career as an external board member she set up the fiduciary offices of Allianz Global Investors in the Netherlands and developed this concept for AGI in the Netherlands. In previous roles she acted as CIO of Allianz Netherlands Asset Management and as Portfolio Manager. In this role she acted for more than 20 years as Portfolio Manager Equities at Allianz, Robeco, Achmea and Delta Lloyd. After finishing her law study in Utrecht she studied VBA at the University of Amsterdam. She has finalised her program of the Pensioen Executive Program at Erasmus University of Rotterdam. (05.20)