About Us

EPFIF is the leading pension fund investment forum in Europe and Southern Africa and comprises eleven Divisions. The first Division started in the UK in 1994 and the most recent additions are The Irish Pension Fund Investment Forum and The Private Markets Investors Forum.

Each Division brings together leading pension fund representatives, other institutional investors, their advisors, and other service providers on a regular basis to meet and hold lively informed discussions on current investment issues and related topics.

The key to its success continues to be:

  • Independence  – EPFIF is an independent organisation, owned by its founders, and has no association with commercial organisations providing products, consulting  or media services for the pensions industry;
  • The quality and diversity of its membership – pension fund members of EPFIF account for assets totalling over €2,000 billion;
  • Each Division has its own Advisory Committee – committee members are drawn from the pension fund membership to ensure topics chosen for discussion are relevant and helpful;
  • Balanced discussions with different points of view – informed, lively and thought provoking discussions arise as a result of mixing together the best speakers from all sides of the pensions industry; and
  • Prestigious venues – all meetings are held in environments conducive to stimulating lively discussion and informal networking.

This website is designed to provide an overview of activities for potential new members and a resource for existing members who should login for full access to details of future meetings, past presentations, list of pension fund members, advisory committees and members from pension services suppliers. There are facilities for members to raise questions to be addressed at  future meetings and to continue discussions on-line after meetings with other members.

Members should log-in for full access to the pages for the Forums to which they belong.

Related Organisations:

SPS Conferences – SPS has been running single day Investment Conferences aimed at the Pension Fund Community since 1993. It now holds over 20 Conferences and other special events a year in the UK, Amsterdam and Stockholm – go to www.spsconferences.com or click on the SPS logo.

The Pension Investment Academy – The PIA was launched in 2010 by Specialist Pension Services (sister company to EPFIF and SPS Conferences), currently in conjunction with The Business School (formerly Cass and to become Bayes Business School from September 2021).

The PIA holds five monthly (evening) seminars a year which present the latest thinking on subjects of significance to UK pension funds and provides practical insights for the trustees and pension fund executives. To ensure everyone benefits from the academic environment, the meetings are also open to The Business School faculty staff and postgraduate students. www.thepia.org