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Past meetings : UK Pension Fund Investment Forum

Details of all recent past meetings and speakers are set out below. In addition, details of older past meetings are available on request to Meeting Responses. You can also download our Meeting History here.

Topic: Virtual Forum Seminar: Valuing Illiquid Assets – Challenges, Reliability & Impact on Pension Fund Portfolios

Date: 25 June 2020

Venue: Virtual Forum Seminar


At this Virtual Forum Seminar, we explored the challenges of investing in Illiquid Assets, in particular around valuations and pricing. With no market price observed for illiquid assets, value must be determined on the basis of valuation models (mark-to-model). Furthermore, the valuations of investment vehicles are available only with a time delay, generally one quarter thus complicating the understanding of portfolios. In a world today where there is great uncertainty on the valuations of underlying portfolios, how can pension funds really evaluate their fund/portfolios, what are they worth today and more importantly the risk adjusted returns they can be expected to get in the long term?

Topic: Virtual Forum Seminar - Opportunities in the Dislocation – An Overview

Date: 28 May 2020

Venue: Virtual Forum Seminar


Can this crisis really be seen as ‘an opportunity of a lifetime’ for investors and pension funds that are willing and able to take advantage? Our panel of speakers will provide their thoughts on just where opportunities lie today and how pension funds can take advantage within their asset allocation, considering the specific risks they face.