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Past meetings : UK Pension Fund Investment Forum

Details of all recent past meetings and speakers are set out below. In addition, details of older past meetings are available on request to Meeting Responses. You can also download our Meeting history here.

Topic: Open Forum: Ten Years on from the Global Financial Crisis – Lessons Learnt and What Next?

Date: 13 December 2018

Venue: The Magic Circle Headquarters - Click here to view map

Details: A decade on from the collapse of Lehman and the subsequent Global Financial Crisis, there has been much change in the governance and regulation of the world’s financial systems but will this prevent or reduce the impact of future crashes and crises? At this Seminar, our speakers reviewed the last crisis, its impact on financial markets and your portfolios and more importantly highlight key future risks, both financial and non-financial, inherent within investments and pension fund portfolios. With many markets already well down from their recent record high valuation levels just what can pension funds do to protect themselves from future downturns and/or crises when they arrive? In addition, can changes to board governance and increased diversity help both pension funds and the broader financial market better prepare themselves for a future crises?

Topic: Smart Beta and Factor Investing Strategies – Have They Been a Success or Failure?

Date: 29 November 2018

Venue: Barber-Surgeons' Hall, London - Click here to view map

Details: Have ‘smart beta’ or ‘alternative beta’ multi-factor strategies been a success or failure in delivering cost-effective and robust long-term risk adjusted returns? The past decade has led to the emergence and significant growth of ‘smart beta’ or ‘alternative beta’ multi-factor strategies but just how successful or otherwise have these strategies been? At the Seminar, we evaluated past success or otherwise of smart beta strategies and ultimately their suitability for use by pension funds as a means to deliver cost effective and robust long-term risk adjusted returns they need?