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Southern African

Past meetings : Southern Africa Pension Fund Investment Forum

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Topic: Prescription and Key Investment Risks Facing Pension Funds – Risk Mitigation Strategies to Consider

Date: 12 June 2019

Venue: Michaelangelo Hotel, Sandton, South Africa - Click here to view map


This seminar provided insights into the current state of play and covered risk management from a governance and investment perspective and suggested possible approaches to prepare your scheme to manage and mitigate these risks.

Topic: Finding Alpha in Markets Today – Where Should You Look?

Date: 6 February 2019

Venue: Table Bay, Cape Town - Click here to view map


Against a volatile and uncertain market environment, how can pension funds invest to generate sustainable long-term returns? Strategies have traditionally been divided between alpha and beta but does alpha exists in markets today and, if so, why does it seem ‘elusive’ at times and how best should pension funds capture this in a consistent manner? Which strategies should pension funds consider today as a way of generating the alpha?