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Past meetings : Nordic Forum

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Topic: Balancing Liquidity & Returns in Uncertain Markets

Date: 11 April 2019

Venue: Restaurant Savoy, Helsinki - Click here to view map


We started the day with a special morning Keynote session on Climate Change and Circular Economy – Can the Tragedy in the Horizon be Avoided Through Going Circular? Climate change is shaking industries, either through efforts to tackle it and/or through its physical impacts. Some scientists call for deep and rapid emission reductions to avoid climate change, but at the same time the consumption of basically everything is on a growth trend. Could circular economy in which products/services are regenerated at the end of their lives offer a solution to these conflicting directions by achieving climate targets while strengthening economic growth? This will be presented by Janne Peljo, Project Director, Climate Solutions, Sitra, The Finnish Innovation Fund.

Main Seminar After Lunch: Balancing Liquidity in Uncertain Markets

As the more liquid assets continue to offer low yields, pension funds and insurers are all chasing returns in alternatives but how much liquidity can schemes afford to sacrifice in exchange for higher long-term expected returns?

This seminar looked at the current market situation and the changes this has made in the Finnish, Nordic and other developed markets and discussed which asset classes offer the best opportunities for balancing liquidity, risk and return.

Topic: Heading for Market Downturn? A Critical Assessment of your Asset Allocation & Investments and the Impact of Leverage on your Portfolios

Date: 5 February 2019

Venue: Ulriksdals Wärdshus, Stockholm - Click here to view map


With market outlook looking increasingly uncertain, including various geopolitical risks and the real possibility of a downturn, do pension funds understand the leverage risks within their portfolios in both traditional and alternative assets?