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Past meetings : Irish Pension Fund Investment Forum

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Topic: Pension Risk Management in a Time of Change: IORP II, Brexit…

Date: 4 April 2019

Venue: Royal College of Physicians, Dublin - Click here to view map


Irish pension funds are confronted by two major challenges in the first half of this year: IORP II and Brexit. In addition, market uncertainty and fears of a downturn mean investment risk is a major concern. This seminar aimed to provide an update on the current state of play as well as identifying steps for trustees to take to manage these developments. We covered risk management from governance, legal and investment perspectives and suggested possible approaches to prepare your scheme for change.

Topic: Pension Investment after Quantitative Easing: Managing the New Global Outlook

Date: 3 October 2018

Venue: Royal College of Physicians, Dublin - Click here to view map


This seminar looked at the investment options available to Irish pension fund trustees as quantitative easing ends. How will divergent interest rates in the US, the UK and the Eurozone affect current investment and hedging strategies? How can pension funds plan to ensure assets best match liabilities in the future? What is the outlook for investments and currencies and how can you navigate the uncertainties over Brexit, trade wars, protectionism and EU political crises?