Committee Member Profile

Mr. William van Ettinger William van Ettinger

Chairman of the Board & Member of Investment Committee, Stichting Mars Pensioenfonds

After a life-long career in financial management with Mars, William has been involved during the last 10 years in advising pension funds, financial institutions and pension service providers, as consultant but mainly in management, governance and supervisory roles. Besides Mars he has amongst others done work for Aegon, KLM, Chevron, and Eastman Chemical [E Way]. He is the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the MARS NL Pension Fund. He also serves on the Investment Committees of the European Mars plans. William has a broad management background having worked at MARS, Chevron, Texaco and the Dutch Ministry of Finance. In addition to this business background William has a strongly developed governance, investments and risk management background. He was involved in the development of the corporate finance function [including treasury, tax and investments] for Mars in EMEA and ran it for 10 years from the UK. Developing the central investment management framework was another invaluable experience. (19.01)