Committee Member Profile

Mr. Robert Tickell Robert Tickell

Trustee Board Co-Chair, IBM United Kingdom Pensions Trust Ltd.

Robert has worked for IBM UK for over 32 years. In addition, Robert is also co-Chair of the IBM UK Pensions Trustee Board. He's been on the board since the end of 2009, having been re-elected as an MND by his peers in May 2016, and was elected as co-Chair towards the end of 2012. Much of his time on the board has been taken up by the 2 large pension court cases, the second of which was finally put to bed in recent months - and despite those distractions, the Board has worked hard to make the £8bn main DB plan fully funded on a TP basis. The Board also looks after a smaller, less mature £1bn DB plan and a £2+bn DC plan. Robert spent 6 years in the Army before joining IBM. Robert is also a non exec director of Business South, based in Southampton. (11.17)