Committee Member Profile

Mr. Jonathan Mort Jonathan Mort

Independent Trustee & Chairman, 10X Umbrella Funds

Jonathan sits on the SAPFIF Advisory Committee as an Independent Trustee & Chairman of the 10X Umbrella, Preservation and Retirement Annuity Funds. Jonathan is a Director of Jonathan Mort Inc, a firm of attorneys specializing in pension fund law which he established on 2 March 2009. He has an extensive practice in the law affecting retirement funds in Southern Africa. He is a past President of the Pension Lawyers Association, currently serves as a steering committee member of the International Pension & Employee Benefits Lawyers Association (IPEBLA) and is a member of the Actuarial Society Disciplinary Committee. Jonathan has extensive experience as an independent trustee having sat on the boards of more than 20 retirement funds, and has chaired local and international pension law conference committees. (06.15)